Tagset for English (en)

Part of Speech: number

Position Atribute Values
0 category Z:number
1 type d:partitive; m:currency; p:percentage; u:unit

Part of Speech: date

Position Atribute Values
0 category W:date

Part of Speech: interjection

Position Atribute Values
0 category I:interjection

Non-positional tags

Part of Speech: adjective

Tag Attributes
JJ pos:adjective
JJR pos:adjective; degree:comparative
JJS pos:adjective; degree:superlative

Part of Speech: adposition

Tag Attributes
POS pos:adposition; type:possessive

Part of Speech: adverb

Tag Attributes
RB pos:adverb; type:general
RBR pos:adverb; type:general; degree:comparative
RBS pos:adverb; type:general; degree:superlative
WRB pos:adverb; type:interrogative

Part of Speech: conjunction

Tag Attributes
CC pos:conjunction; type:coordinating

Part of Speech: determiner

Tag Attributes
DT pos:determiner
WDT pos:determiner; type:interrogative
PDT pos:determiner; type:predeterminer

Part of Speech: interjection

Tag Attributes
UH pos:interjection

Part of Speech: noun

Tag Attributes
NNS pos:noun; type:common; num:plural
NN pos:noun; type:common; num:singular
NNP pos:noun; type:proper
NP00000 pos:noun; type:proper
NP pos:noun; type:proper
NP00G00 pos:noun; type:proper; neclass:location
NP00O00 pos:noun; type:proper; neclass:organization
NP00V00 pos:noun; type:proper; neclass:other
NP00SP0 pos:noun; type:proper; neclass:person
NNPS pos:noun; type:proper; num:plural

Part of Speech: particle

Tag Attributes
RP pos:particle
TO pos:particle; type:to

Part of Speech: preposition

Tag Attributes
IN pos:preposition

Part of Speech: pronoun

Tag Attributes
EX pos:pronoun
WP pos:pronoun; type:interrogative
PRP pos:pronoun; type:personal
PRP$ pos:pronoun; type:possessive
WP$ pos:pronoun; type:possessive

Part of Speech: punctuation

Tag Attributes
Fd pos:punctuation; type:colon
Fc pos:punctuation; type:comma
Flt pos:punctuation; type:curlybracket; punctenclose:close
Fla pos:punctuation; type:curlybracket; punctenclose:open
Fs pos:punctuation; type:etc
Fat pos:punctuation; type:exclamationmark; punctenclose:close
Faa pos:punctuation; type:exclamationmark; punctenclose:open
Fg pos:punctuation; type:hyphen
Fz pos:punctuation; type:other
Fpt pos:punctuation; type:parenthesis; punctenclose:close
Fpa pos:punctuation; type:parenthesis; punctenclose:open
Ft pos:punctuation; type:percentage
Fp pos:punctuation; type:period
Fit pos:punctuation; type:questionmark; punctenclose:close
Fia pos:punctuation; type:questionmark; punctenclose:open
Fe pos:punctuation; type:quotation
Frc pos:punctuation; type:quotation; punctenclose:close
Fra pos:punctuation; type:quotation; punctenclose:open
Fx pos:punctuation; type:semicolon
Fh pos:punctuation; type:slash
Fct pos:punctuation; type:squarebracket; punctenclose:close
Fca pos:punctuation; type:squarebracket; punctenclose:open

Part of Speech: verb

Tag Attributes
MD pos:verb; type:modal
VBG pos:verb; vform:gerund
VB pos:verb; vform:infinitive
VBN pos:verb; vform:participle
VBD pos:verb; vform:past
VBP pos:verb; vform:personal
VBZ pos:verb; vform:personal; person:3